What does a slave means? A person who willingly or unwillingly has to obey others, who has no control over his/her life. What we are all doing today is slavery of one thing or other, we are giving up our freedom and getting ourselves in chains. Today we all need to break free of chains to be our own master.

1 Slave of Technology

We can’t turn off our phone, we can’t turn off our internet and its true for majority of us. We have been slave of technology nowadays. We are not using technology but technology is using us. Every one is busy connecting with world and getting distanced from family. It is a matter of sheer concern and one need to take steps to cope up with this. One should limit use of phone by indulging in sports activity and spending time with family.


2 Slave of Bad Relationship

Relationship is when two people are connected by feelings of love and respect for each other. It’s natural to seek a loving partner to share our life with. That isn’t easy. At some point of time you have to evaluate your relationship by interactions with your partner and way he makes you feel in his company. If you don’t feel relaxed, uplifted and supported by him, then you are in bad relationship and need to free yourself because in long run its just going to get worse and will leave you heartbroken. You can seek help from friend and family on the way.



If you do things which you don’t want, you no longer know what you want in life, you struggle to make decisions for yourself then you are slave of “ what others think“. Every one wishes to be liked by everyone but one need to live life in his own unique way. If not this may lead to anxiety or depression.


  1. Stop Running Rat Race

Rat race is endless, self-defeating, and pointless. Everyone wants to succeed leaving everyone behind. It’s difficult to pin down moment when you entered the rat race. It sorts to be happened when you entered college, workplace, at every moment when you tried to prove yourself better than others. The problem with rat race is that there is no finish line, so one should stop rat race and start living.