Are you soon going to be bride or groom? Then you want it to be a fairy tale wedding and an affair of remembrance. In India, wedding is not just two souls getting together forever but to show people where you stand financially. Most people opt for lavish wedding because the society wants them to. Parents spend all their saving to give their children wedding that society wants. Bollywood can be blamed for selling charms of big fat wedding to every household. Exotic flowers, top singers and stars singing and dancing to beats on cocktail parties, lakhs spent on bride’s lehnga, mehndi and makeup. These weddings leave middle class family under debt to fulfill their child’s aspirations for wedding.

But this Big Fat Wedding could now be things of past as because of government laws says not to spend more than 5 Lakh on wedding or you have to contribute 10 per cent of amount on marriage of girls from poor families. So now it’s the time to think about managing budgets. Here are some key points to keep in mind before planning all your marriage.


Selection of wedding venue : Wedding venue must be decided months before, so one must plan it in off season because that can help you save lot of money because in  peak season everything costs high from wedding banquet, pandits and food charges. The other options can be finding place out of city limits.

Bride/ Groom Dresses:

They are most important thing in marriage because every one pays attention to their attire. In that case one can easily get out of budget by flowing in emotions, but both have to stick to budget and shop wisely. What’s the point of spending so much on wedding dress which you are never going to wear ever again?

 Crisp Guest list: Indian marriage mostly consist of long list of unknown guests, your mothers aunt’s aunt, your distant uncle’s children whom you have never meet in decades. Try to limit your guest list by inviting close relatives and friends and who really cares about you.

Avoid Printed Media: Thinking of printing invitation cards? It’s little outdated. Why not try e-invitation cards or create an event on social networking site and invite all . In the world of digitization everyone has access to internet. We can understand your grandparents and other older relative don’t have access to internet, so you can print few for such relatives.

Cut Down on Big Menu: In marriages people just taste food and waste more of it. Keeping a big menu of 50 dishes isn’t going to be much rewarding because no one is going to eat all the 50 dishes. So try to keep the menu simple.

If interested in keeping alcohol section, try to keep less variety and use of less expensive brands.