Sorry Boys! Not talking about your girlfriends, its girls’ girlfriends. Every girl must have a girlfriend or girlfriends. That’s the best relation on earth that can give you immense happiness and joy. Best friend is one for sharing bond of true friendship, a sister, an adviser, a councilor, your pillow for crying, your partner in every crime , your safe for all secrets, your teacher  and many more. Women are always perfect when it comes to keeping relationships be it a mother, wife, daughter, daughter–in–law, or a best friend. She cultivates every relation with trust and love. During school and college time every one has friends but some of them become so close and special that you start calling them Best friends.

Here are some important reasons to have girls gang:

You Can Be Original YOU:

Everyone in this world expects you to be in way they want. But with your best friends you can be original YOU, be it weird, mad, creepy habits or mad you, because no one is going to judge you. You can pour out your heart, complain about things that’s bothering you.

Bitchy Talks Are fun! :

Bitching about someone, when you know they will also join and further spice it up is when the real fun begins. These bitchy talk sessions about one you don’t like give you immense satisfaction.

Checking Out Boys Is Great :

When in company of your girlfriends, browsing boys is so much of fun. Categorizing them sweet, hot, sexy, nerd is great game. You really don’t have to say, and they know what’s on your mind, that’s the proof of best bonding with your Besties.

Sharing Secretes :

Want to share worst and darkest of your secret, that’s the right place. You can share things from deep core of your heart without worrying about being spilled out. You can trust them with anything.

27 *7 Support System:

Had a breakup? That’s tough but don’t worry you got your girlfriends to support and console you, or sometimes even take revenge of all your emotional hurting. They always give you shoulder to cry on.

Your Partner in Crime :

Be it bitchy talks, gossiping, playing pranks or any weirdest of things, they have always got your back on no matter what. They always participate with same zest in every foolish of things.

No Judging:

They know you inside out, and love you for that. They won’t judge you for any act or weird behavior.