Yes! You are reading it right. You may defy this fact but you are unknowingly serving chemicals and pesticides to your whole family. You make all the efforts to make best healthy, tasty, nutritious food but all in vain. Are you washing fruits and vegetables? Your answer will undoubtedly YES but are you washing them RIGHT? Everyone knows today how crops are cultivated, more use of fertilizers & pesticides make them harmful for eating. They have adverse effects on health causing damage to liver, kidneys, lungs, and cancer and skin problems. It is important to invest time for preparing chemicals free food for your family. After all keeping them healthy and safe is your first priority. Just washing vegetables and fruits with cold water removes 75-80% of harmful pesticides.

So there are some easy cheap methods to wash you fruits and vegetables to get rid of pesticide residue that appear on surface.

SOAK IN VINEGAR: Take a bowl, fill it with water and add 10 percent of vinegar. Now dip your fruits and vegetables in this solution for 50-60 minutes. Be careful with fruits with thin layer like berries or it will end up damaging the outer layer.

2% SALT WATER: Instead of washing your food with plain water, try adding some salt and soak your fruits and vegetables in it. It will work best for you .This solution help in removing unwanted pesticides residues.

HOMEMADE SPRAY: Main ingredients needed for this spray can be easily found in your kitchen closets. You will be needing:

  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 cup Water
  • Mix all of them well, and pour it in clean spray bottle. Spray them on your fruits and let them settle for 10-15 min and wash it with water.

  • PEEL OUTER LAYER : This can be other best option , peeling the outer skin off of vegetables and fruits.

    DEVICES FOR PURIFICATION: Now days you can shop for Ozone vegetable and fruit cleaner. This could be available in many different brands.