As well said “SMILE is the best makeup any girl can wear. So every girl must be wearing it everyday, no matter what hardships, challenges life has to offer. Walking down the road of life, from being a girl to a lady, there comes so many changes both physically emotionally. Most important phase in every woman’s life is to be a mother. Its not sacrifice, it’s her choice; she takes prides in being a mother. She gains weight, look obese, and bear pain of labour just for her child. She cares for children without caring two hoots about her health and looks. She knows her real strength is not trying to be like men, but her wisdom, generosity, intelligence, and positive outlook towards life. Ladies, you should be proud of yourself as god has granted you with very special power of giving new life. No matter what your age is always take pride in being a woman, with time your outer beauty might fade, but your inner beauty always remains intact. All those ladies who are so much busy loving and making others special, its time to start loving yourself and do what makes you feel happy. You need to know these things:


  1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL: Getting obese, no proper care of skin and hair. It’s important to spare some time for your personnel care. Start pampering yourself, take time out to exercise, take up a hair Spa, and go for facial massage once in month. Its not act of self-love. You mush know you too are important. Your body fat has no relation with quality of human being you are.


  1. PERSUE YOUR HOBBIES: How you have been using your free time? By worrying and over thinking about matters that are not in your control.
    Worrying is exercise in futile, so instead pursue your hobbies. Love art, start painting, sketching, start reading books in your leisure time, that will give you immense happiness.


  1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: Ignoring your health issues while caring so much about others. You need to know that your health is equally important. When you will be fit and healthy, then only you can take care of others properly. Do exercise, practice yoga. Do not ignore health issues if any, consult a doctor.


  1. GO OUT WITH GIRLFREINDS: Plan some outings with your ladies friends or even family holidays; this will help you get a much needed break from regular routine. You can also plan for some get together weekly or monthly or kitty parties. This will help your socialize and fresh your mind. Family outing will help you build strong relationships and give you chance to spend quality time with them.



  1. PAMPER YOURSELF: Pampering yourself including many activities that can make you feel happy and relaxed like cooking your self a dish of your choice, taking facial massage , painting nails, shopping and whatever that makes you feel special.