As heat is on, Scorching sun, rising temperature, humidity is on the way. Summer season can cause much infection, allergies, diarrhea, hay fever and itchiness. Its time to sip on lemon water, fruits rich in water contents like watermelon, melon, cucumber that can save you from dehydration. Summer is also famous for its king of fruits Mangoes that tempt everyone. You cannot completely avoid all allergies and infections but can turn them down to maximum by using certain measures. Eating right kind of fruits and vegetables, and being hydrated can help you prevent from many problems.

1. Choose Correct Fabric To Wear:

Scorching sun not only tan your skin but also leads to sunburn, pigmentation, reddening. In order to protect your skin you need to carefully choose fabric you wear. Undoubtedly, go for cotton, loose, light shades, capable of absorbing sweat and most important that soothes your skin. Always cover before going out.

2. Effective Home Remedies:

Summers make skin sticky, greasy and tanned. So people with sensitive skin should never get out without sun block creams, aloe Vera gels. One can also opt for effective home remedy pack for skin like one can apply mint face mask, lemon, cucumber and many other face pack depending on your skin type.

3. Keep Mosquito Bites At Bay:

To check mosquito bites one must use mosquito repellents or protective nets. To protect your children as they play in open places that can cause serious problems like painful rashes, swelling through out body. Easy and effective automatic machines for keeping mosquito’s away are easily available. Always sleep with full sleeves clothes.

4. Be Hydrated:

Rising temperature can suck all the water content from your body in form of sweating. In order to stay hydrated one must eat right kind of fruits and vegetable with more water content like melon, watermelon, cucumber to compensate for high sweating. But some summer fruits and vegetables are allergic to some people due to pollen allergy. Common fruits causing allergy are peaches, mangoes, berries.

5. Beware of Dust Allergies:

Extreme heat and pollution combined can cause respiratory problems like asthma, and chest congestion. It can also cause itching in eyes, continuous sneezing. So one must cover his nose and mouth with mask in order to prevent from dust. Visit doctor in case of allergic reactions.