Can you ever imagine candy without sugar? Definitely No; sugar is something without which every thing seems tasteless, incomplete and lifeless. Then why you forgot to add sugar to your life? You have been waking up in morning, going to office, coming back, spending time with family and again the same routine. Everything that goes around is good but you need to start thinking of life from new perspective and vision. Idea of helping others, doing good deeds, learning from others, appreciating natural beauty helps you add sweetness to your life. Everyone got to live only once. In that life one can follow his/her dreams, find love, enjoy all phases of life be it a child, an adult or itself being parents. In Last years of your life you may not remember your how many hard efforts you put in your job, how much you earned, but how fruitful your life was. Here are things you must start considering to have health and happy life.

1. Lend your helping hand:

One of the good deeds a person can do is helping someone in need. Help can be giving emotional, financial support or any other. Your simple act of kindness can bring sunshine in their lives and give you sweet remembrance of it. Universe always gives you ways in which you can help others, it’s you who choose to accept or reject the opportunity.

2. Find ways to be happy and that can make you laugh:

When you were kid you laughed your gut out even on worst of jokes but now do you even remember when the last time you laughed with your whole heart. As said, laughter is the best medicine, why don’t you also try it. Watch a funny movie or show and even better if you enjoy it in someone’s company. Laughing not only burn calories it also boasts your metabolism.

3. Appreciate Nature’s Beauty:

Take time out to visit some gardens, hilly areas or mountains. These are the places where you can explore nature and see the immense beauty of things created by god. Vast variety of flora and fauna can leave you in state of aw. It is the best way to dessert you eyes, mind and soul. Nature is a big inspiration and can help you learn tedious lessons of life every easily.

4.Try never done before things:

Please do not try jumping off mountain! It simply means try to do things that you always have been dreaming to do it. There comes no right time, its just one has to make it right time for himself. Go on an adventure trip with your best buddies; take a trip to your favorite destination. Be a life long leaner; keep learning about new things, people and topics that interests you.

5. Learn Art of Appreciation and Acceptance:

People and things are not always the way we want them to be and handling them is a daunting task. People throw up negativity in all shapes and sizes and the only thing you can do is, focus on the positive part or at least try to transform the negative. Art of appreciation and acceptance will help you to easily adapt to any inevitable change. It is a step to transformation and let you see the world from a new vision and perspective.