Entering your 30’s, means your body starts showing early signs of growing old like slow metabolism and reduced bone strength. Your physical appearance may not change drastically but your body is changing bit by bit. It is normal to start getting wrinkles as new cells are not developing as earlier. You may feel tired and lazy easily as your bones start to loose strength. It’s high time to start caring and stop cheating on your health issues.

1. MAKE YOUR DIET RICH IN PROTEINS AND CALCIUM: In your 20’s you have been eating whatever you wish to; be it fried or processed food or high calories. But it’s time to make your diet rich in essential proteins, vitamins and calcium. You must make your diet health loving like include fruits, green vegetables, milk products or even sometimes take multivitamin tablets on consulting doctor.


2. STAY FIT AND ACTIVE: Indulge your body in daily exercise routine, you can practice yoga, aerobics, walking or jogging. Exercise not only helps you to manage body weight but also keep your mind stress free. Focus on your body posture


3. MAKE YOUR SKIN GLOW: You forget to take care of your skin, as you don’t bother anymore about your looks. But you are making mistake, as at this time your skin needs most attention. After 30’s your skin start to appear dull and even fine lines and wrinkles knocks in. There can be any reason for early aging like sun exposure, pollution, smoking, dehydration etc. In order to take care, one must do facial and massaging, use good company products, when in exposure to sun apply sun screen of SPF 15 or above. Ditching fast food and drinking lot of water can also help you keep hydrated.


4. CHECK REDUCED FERTILITY: Some women wait till 30’s before planning a baby, as they are busy making their career and financially stability. But one must keep in mind that after 30’s fertility or chances of becoming pregnant decreases especially after 35. Due to bad eating habits and increasing adulterants in food, problem of reduced fertility has increased in past few years so one must start planning early.


5. RELAX YOUR MIND: You may feel stressed because your hands are dipped in many jars like job, parenting, managing financial issues and responsibility of whole family. This can further worsen your health. Indulging in health diet, exercising and pursuing what you love like reading, dancing, spending time with family helps you lower your stress level and get excellence in whatever you are doing.