Are you in office sitting job? Then surely this article is for you. Always wished for a less laborious, easy sitting job for earning, but you may not be aware of the health hazards caused by long hours sitting job. Sitting behind computer for prolonged hours can have bad health effects. According to new research, sitting is same as new smoking. People now prefer desk jobs because they are mostly the highest paid jobs. People have found very new way to be inactive and being lazy. With new technology, every thing that earlier needed efforts or laborious work can now be done just by the click of a single button. These habits of laziness and inactivity can lead to serious health issues. Mainly the problems related with sitting jobs are:


It is obvious one. Not moving for hours or no physical activity leads to slow metabolism, food is not converted into energy and leads to fat accumulation and then obesity. With weight gain comes others problems like diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol level. The percentage of people dying due to long sitting hours is increasing. People may relate obesity with eating more but it’s actually sitting more.


When you work, you do all sort of calculations, problem solving and critical thinking process but sitting all day can reduce your working brainpower. Moving muscles pump blood to brain and lead to release of mood enhancement chemicals. So more you do physical movements and exercise more effective is your work and can get you better rewards. Try to get up from your seat after every one hour.


The most common side effects of sitting for long hours are posture problems. The body posture really matters; your laptop table must be at a level that you need not to bend your neck to look at it. Some times attending phone calls and making your neck hold phone can cause neck and shoulder ache. Try practicing few shoulders and neck exercises while working. Never stick to your seat for more than 2 hours, try getting up for coffee and tea breaks and chat with friends. This will not only refresh your mind but will increase your working stamina.


Our human body is not made to be idle. It is a kind of machinery; if it is not used to work then its part are blocked and cause malfunctioning of parts. Exercise is kind of greasing oil that keeps our body working. Sitting for long hours do not burn fat, which leads to slow flow of blood that causes fatty acids to clog your heart. It can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other heart problems.


Sitting all day not only creates various posture related problems but affects your digestion power. It makes your digestion process sluggish and in turn causes cramping, bloating, heartburns. After having your meals never sit down, try to have a walk before going to your desk.