Gone are days of Heer-Ranjha, now is time for fast love stories on Facebook, Whatsapp. Reading love in eyes of lover, feeling love for each other are now replaced by sending love texts and exchanging love emojies. Are they successful? Now a day’s love is just game of few months or few days. The new word that is added in vocabulary of love is “violence and abuse “.Some may not agree that your relationship is abusive because some don’t even realize it. According to a study, the death caused due to love problems like not marrying the person you love, breakup pain, rejection, ditching each other is increasing more than other many problems. Violence toward oneself in form of suicide or toward ones partner is prevalent. There is a thin line between love and aggression because both are intense emotions. Getting involved in relation at early age with little maturity or no patience to handle rejection makes it a dysfunctional relation. The bond that binds two people is sacred and pure and life-giving that includes loving, respecting and accepting each others negatives. Every one is looking for sincerity in relationship but cannot ensure it so they use control and possessiveness and sometimes use violence to keep them on right path.

Here are some warning signs that occur early in relationship and can be later abusive and violent:

1. TENDENCY TO GET AGGRESSIVE: Try not to ignore the person who gets angry or aggressive over small issues. One cannot tolerate if you get late for a date or some meeting. Saying NO makes him mad because he takes it as rejection as he wants control over you every time.

2. ISOLATES YOU FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Earlier it may not appear odd as he/she may start by giving excuses like your friends are jealous as they do not want to see us together , your friends are not good, they are trying to destroy our relationship. But in the end, you will realize that he has cut you from all your well wishers who can guide you right.

3. OFTEN SIGNS OF JEALOUSY: Jealousy in a relation some time acts like spice that add sweetness to relation, but often showing it over and over again can be like choking nose. One may show signs of agitation when you spend time with other friends or things out of relationship. That can be nose choking.

4. CONSTANTLY ACTING LIKE DETECTIVE: If your partner have habit of sneaking into your phone, your social accounts and whom you talk to and what are you up to, then it is an early sign of control. Constantly checking on you has no relation with love.

5. SIGNS OF POSSESSIVENESS: In earlier stages of relation you may like it as it may make you feel special and loving, but with time you come to know the real meaning of his/her cheesy lines like” You are mine” which actually means you are his rightful property.