Did you just bought poisoned fruit? Be careful next time you buy fruits this summer like mango, watermelon, and banana. Fruits are considered to be rich source of proteins and vitamins but now days they are more of disease and even death causing diet. It is one’s responsibility to have knowledge and awareness about buying good natural fruits for you and your family; otherwise you will be serving them poison. Every fruit is artificially ripened by using chemicals and infusing injections just to scale up the sale. The chemical widely used for artificial ripening is calcium carbide (CaC2) or masala which contains arsenic and phosphorus which can prove harmful for human body.  The main reason to use chemicals to ripen is to reduce time period for growth of fruits and make maximum profits. This chemical is banned in many countries including India but this is used freely by vendors. Eating these fruits can cause skin allergies, gastric problems, mouth ulcers, and even cancer. The only way to wash off this masala is by washing fruits properly with water.

MANGOES: Be careful next time you are buying mangoes. You buy mangoes just by looking at color then you are wrong, check aroma. An artificially ripened mango does not have much aroma. Outer skin is totally ripened but inside it won’t ripe completely. They are sometimes green with scattered patches of yellow as effect of masala is not even and sometime they may be completely yellow but have some powder like thing visible. These fruits are dry and less juicy as compared to naturally grown. The compound called ethephon is recommended by scientist and doctors but vendors avoid using because of its high cost. The only way to remove masala is to keep mangoes under running water.

WATERMELON: While buying watermelons you always pick the one with bright red color, but here you are again wrong. It might have been injected with red dye that can cause serious health problems. Sometimes, chemicals like carbide, lead chromate, and methanol yellow are also used in watermelons as artificial sweeteners and catalysts for faster growth. All these chemicals are dangerous for stomach, kidneys and brain. The artificially grown melon will be uniformly colored with black patches visible on it.

BANANA: Bananas are rotten quickly if transported after ripened so they are transported raw. After reaching their destination, they are treated with calcium carbide for ripening. The only way to recognize these artificial bananas is by their color. They are lime yellow and their stem color is distinct. The use of ethrol solution is allowed but to cut the cost vendors don’t use.In order to be safe, completely remove the peel before consuming them.

GRAPES: Grapes are every one’s favorites because no efforts are required to eat them. But they are also treated artificially by chemical benzene hexa chloride or BHC. It is non water-soluble, i.e. even after washing it’s not removed. Artificial grapes may appear shiny as they are coated with wax. In order to make them safe for eating they must be rinsed in salt and baking soda and then washed with water.