Having a healthy laugh, crying in pain, irked in heavy traffic, angry with lover, feeling excited on buying car, and all these emotions makes us feel human and alive. Emotions drive our thoughts, intentions and followed by actions. Emotions are something that makes us feel happy, sometime depressed and even suppressed. Handling emotions does not mean that we should stop feelings of love, care or feeling happy. If emotions are appropriate to situation and make you feel better like laughing in happy moments then you need not worry. It’s basically the negative emotion that must be handled with care. But like expressing anger and frustration with someone may not be correct, then you may need to channelize your feelings and try to calm yourself down. Emotions must be handled because all emotions are extreme and acting immediately at them can make us take wrong decisions that we later repent.

Once seed of negative feelings are planted in your mind, their roots become firm and it grows without needing even water. Ever met a person who always looks agitated and frustrated? He wasn’t born that way; it’s just he let some negative emotions grow inside that in response make its way out in form of anger.

So how to handle emotions in hardest times and not letting others’ emotions and feelings affects our emotional balance in life? Follow these steps and gain stability in life with right emotions:


  1. ANALYZE, THEN RESPOND: Emotions give us tones of energy. When happy, we touch the sky and when angry we burst out like a bomb. So going extremes can always be dangerous. Try not to give immediate response especially when angry. That will make you regret things later. Find ways to calm down and take a deep breath till you anger hits zero. Your servant dropped a glass bowl that was your favorite one; you must be feeling like throwing him out of job. But think before you react, it could have been broken by you or your children. Don’t yell at him, advice him to be careful next time.
  2. MODIFY THE SITUATIONS: Some situation that does not make you feel better and comfortable, try to modify them. Like you get irritated when work is not finished on time, you burst out and cannot control the situation, and then you must change the situation by completing your work on time and not leaving a bit to last moment. That will help you keeping your emotions in your control.
  3. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS: If thoughts of envy, bitterness for some person take your mind, you can divert your focus and thoughts by thinking about something good that happened to you or any past memory with that person that can bring a smile on your face. Because thinking negative about him will take a toll on your health and mind. Negative emotions bind us to recurring negative thoughts, creating cycles of downright negative patterns.
  4. FIND A BETTER CHANNEL FOR OUTLET: After learning how to manage emotions, you need to release them in better way. Emotions must never be bottled up; they are even more dangerous. You got to find a healthy outlet for them. Great people say best way out is to write all your emotions, writing out what your heart fells on paper will calm you down. Or one can talk to some close friend or relative who understands. You can seek advice from them.
  5. SEE LIFE IN BIGGER PICTURE: Whatever happens in your life, good or bad, happens for a higher purpose. You may not be able to figure out the reason at that particular moment. So wait for the right time to come. Even in midst of emotionally depressing moments, try to look at bigger picture of life.
  6. PRACTICING MEDITATION AND YOGA: Yoga is in practice from thousands of year. It helps us to get healthy body and mind. Meditation teaches us how to keep our mind at peace and control our actions. It will not only calm your inner turmoil and help you think wisely before acting on some emotional stress.