Always feeling stressed with job and work? Looking for another job? One in three people is unhappy his/her their jobs. There could be many reasons like salary, monotonous work, no growth opportunities, and no interest in job. Not feeling good at work place, don’t like people around you at work, not having passionate toward work; all these signs show that you are not enjoying your job. Here are signs that show you need to quit your job and find work that matches your passion.

  1. UNWILLING TO GO TO JOB EVERY MORNING: When your alarm goes off, you think, “Do I really need this job?” or wished you were sick so you don’t have to go to job. Going to job every morning gives you anxiety? Then surely you need to think about giving up job and start looking for a new one.
  2. MENTALLY STRESSED AND PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTED: Another sign that proves you that you are in wrong career is you go home exhausted and stresses and feel like nothing accomplished. It can happen often with everyone but if it’s a regular routine, then it is matter of concern. You get irritated with kids and family after returning home as you are also physically exhausted.
  3. YOU ARE BORED: If you feel your job has no growth opportunities and advancement in future, then you may get bored. You will lose passion for job and won’t be able to give your best shot. So it’s high time to shake things up and look for other job opportunities for your growth.
  4. DON’T LIKE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU IN WORK PLACE: Office can be fun with colleges as you can sip coffee while having chit-chat and discussions and making the monotonous job fun by enjoying each other’s company. But it can be reverse when you don’t like people you work with. There can be many reasons to it; like they always pull your leg, jealous of you or get in dirty politics.
  5. YOUR SKILLS ARE NOT APPRECIATED: If your company doesn’t acknowledge your talents and ignores the potential in you or all your proposals and ideas are denied then you must find a company that can appreciate your skills and talent.
  6. NO INCREMENTS: Working really hard for job, doing all assignments and projects on time. Your company is growing but your salary isn’t. Then it may also create sense of dissatisfaction and giving up on hard efforts.


After recognizing all these signs of job dissatisfaction now you need to work out a plan for future. You need to set goals and what you have been looking for in term of responsibility, company culture and growth rate. If you want to change your career then you need to discover your passions and skills. You need to focus on what is an ideal job for you and what factors are important. Before leaving don’t forget to write pros and cons of current job that will give you boarder perspective to decide because before quitting a job, it’s better to have another job letter at your desk.

  • FIND YOUR PASSION: Before jumping to a new job, give a deep thought about your interests and how your skills and experience are used properly. Don’t jump to any decision immediately because you may end up getting trapped in another job that doesn’t fit your interests.
  • FORM AN ACTION PLAN: You need to set your goals and create an action plan. You need to decide if its job title, good working environment or handsome salary that makes you feel happy and satisfied.
  • CONSIDER EXPERT’S ADVICE: You can seek advice from some    experienced person or any professional help regarding switching job and better reorganization of skills to find a better fit.