Looking at her lovely hair or beautiful smile always makes you go into dreams, your behavior changes when you are around them; you put much effort in looking good around them? Then definitely you have a crush on that person. Crush doesn’t mean you want that person as soul mate, it’s just that you like that person, want to have conversation and spend some time together. Obviously you cannot just sit and wait for some magic to happen that your crush fall into your lap, you have to make efforts to be friends with them, start a conversation. Love is no game, but that does not mean there is no strategy or game plan to get your crush attracted. There are some rules you have to abide by and mind your actions before proceeding. There is no sure way to get one’s love but you can try to improve your chances and get their attention. So here are 5 steps you can make your crush fall for you.

1. WORK ON YOU’R LOOKS: You feel you are invisible to your crush, and then you need to work on your looks to get their attention. First thing people notices in you is the appearance. Try to maintain your looks; that does not mean buying expensive clothes and accessories or putting up tones of make up; it’s just about being clean, tidy hair, smelling good and maintaining good body weight. Whenever you pass by their side, good fragrance will help you get noticed and leave a good impact.

2. BE LIVELY AND CONFIDENT AROUND THEM: People usually feel shy and nervous when their crush is around because they feel conscious. Their body language changes as they want to act who they are actually not and end up doing stupid things around them; which add-on to their misery. Don’t be mistaken to boost about your achievements or show off your luxury things. Whenever you are around your crush, try to be confident and lively. Have great time with friends; laugh out loud, show your talents if any. That will help you get noticed because positive, confident and smiling faces are usually noticed easily.


3. GIVE CLUES OF YOUR FEELINGS WITH YOUR BODY LANGUAGE: Don’t speak up about your feeling directly; there may be chances they reject you or start taking you for granted. Then how to show that you are interested? Use your eyes to express your liking by making an eye contact for 5 to 10 sec that shows you paying attention and care what other is saying. Its best form of silent conversation that connect two hearts. Use your body language, like be around them where ever possible, try to initiate a conversation or figuring your common interests and getting involved in doing those things together. Be mature enough and don’t be around them by stalking; that’s gross. If you are part of their group, then make sure go where they go.

4. BE NOTICEABLE AND ATTRACTIVE: Be the kind of person whom people notice and want to be around you. Have such talent or quality to be proud of. Be a volunteer in helping others in need, score good in class, be in everyone’s good books or be a smart and hardworking employee. Don’t let your qualities and talent make you arrogant to others. Your behavior with others helps them judge you. Make them believe that you are the kind of person worth being with.

5. BE APPROACHABLE AND FRIENDLY: Always keep a smile and positive expression on your face. Let your crush see you talking to other gender and hanging out with friends that make you feel desirable. Try to be friends with your crush, you can be supportive when they feel low and make them laugh and try to relax them. Try to know them better by talking about common interests. Be an interesting person so that they start enjoying your company.