Earlier air conditioners were considered as a luxury item, affordable by only few rich people. But these days, it has become a thing of necessity for all. The global temperature is rising and making earth an uncomfortable planet to live. The scorching heat of sun makes it difficult for everyone to tolerate such high temperature and humidity. Anywhere you go, you will find air-conditioned homes, offices, banks, theaters as if now no life exists without them. When you enter an air-conditioned room after coming from heated outdoors, you get a sigh of relief and wish to stay there forever. You consider ACs your best friend but they are your worst enemies. They temp you with cool breeze and make you calm and relaxed when everything out there is at unrest and disturbing. But unknowingly they are causing harm to your body and environment itself. They are one of the reasons for rising earth’s temperature and making earth unfit to live. Here are some of the harmful effects of air conditioners.

1. RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Sitting all day in air-conditioned offices and homes makes you vulnerable to many respiratory problems likes problems in breathing, problems to asthma patients. When AC’s filters are not cleaned correctly or at regular intervals, various kinds of bacteria starts to breed inside. These bacteria are air-borne. They travel to your body and causes pneumonia and Legionnaire’s disease.

2. EARLY AGING AND WRINKLES: Air conditioners works by pulling out all the humidity and moisture from that room making it arid desert. They are not selective about absorbing moisture; they absorb all the moisture from your skin’s upper layer epidermis and making it rough and dull. It may also lead to early aging and development of fine lines and wrinkles. In order to protect, one must prevent sitting in AC’s for long hours and if not possible, try to moisturize your skin at regular intervals.

3. EYES IRRITATION: Constant exposure to cold temperature causes irritation; redness and tearing of eyes as liquid of eyes get easily dried.

4. STRESSED AND FATIGUED BODY: You body always fell fatigue and stressed even sitting on chair in air-conditioned room?  Then surely you must figure out the reason. Yes, it is your metal exertion of job but also the continuous exposure to ACs. The low temperature of ACs make your body shivers from inside and your body starts to fall fatigue. To worsen the situation, one step out of cold temp to harsh heat outside, this sudden shift between extreme temperatures is stressful for your body.

5. POOR IMMUNITY SYSTEM OF BODY: Stepping out of air-conditioned car to the scorching sun can make you fall sick for no specific reason. Person who usually keep shifting from one extreme temperature to other starts to develop poor immunity system.

6. BODY BECOME INTOLERABLE TO HEAT: Your body adapts as you make it. All time staying at air-conditioned home or office makes your body in-adaptable for bearing harsh heat of sun. So try to opt for natural cooling methods. Turn on ACs only when needed and try to sip in more water to maintain elasticity and moisture of skin.

7. VIRAL INFECTIONS: In air-conditioned atmosphere there is no ventilation for fresh air as all doors and windows are shut. The same air is circulated again and again causing transfer of viral infections and flu from one person to other.