Does your blood pressure shoots up when someone annoys you, irritates you in traffic or when your spouse doesn’t cooperates with you? It is difficult to calm down when you are extremely angry; because your mind peace is at unrest and you body is stressed and tensed in a state of anger. Getting angry is one of the emotions of human nature that cannot be avoided just like happiness, but can be controlled in order to avoid much damage to your health or your relationships. Anger is a state when you start blaming whole universe and people for bringing the entire negative and forgets to relish what you have. It does not mean you should not express you emotions because bottled anger is more dangerous. There is always a positive and constructive way to express your anger. One must learn to control anger because getting angry is waste of energy and can take toll on you health and relationship. Here are some quick easy steps to calm your anger.

1. TAKE DEEP BREATH AND RECITE OM: “OM “a unison sound that comprises all sounds within. It is scientifically proven that chanting OM creates vibrations in body and helps your body realize stress and sets your mood right. When ever you feel extremely angry over something and before it controls you, take a deep breath and focus on your senses and start reciting OM, it will really help to calm your anger immediately. It is considered as important part of meditation and helps sets your mood right.

2. ENGAGE IN DIFFERENT PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: When you sulk and feel someone getting on your nerves, you cannot set you mind to your work, quit that work and engage yourself in other physical activities like running, cooking or other activities that helps you channelize your negative energy immediately and calm your anger. Don’t mistake to break things or start throwing expensive things around you, because it will ultimately take a toll on your pocket.

3. ISOLATE YOURSELF FROM THE SITUATION BOTHERING YOU: Distance yourself from people or situation bothering you. This will help you get break from stressful situation. Spend some quite time alone and find a calm place and loosen your tight clothes. This can help you analyze the situation, find possible solution to your problems and get yourself prepared for what’s ahead without getting further angry and frustrated.

4. EXPRESS NOT REPRESS: Expressing your anger and feelings is a sign of one’s strength to handle frustration, not weakness. But expressing them in a constructive way is important. Talk about your problems and feelings when you are calm. Another way of expressing is writing your anger on paper or talking to a very good friend of yours who understands you better and helps you get best possible solution to the problem.

5. Start counting 1 to 10: If you feel you going to say something toxic to someone in response, tell yourself to calm down because your actions at time of anger can be dangerous. Separate your actions from your emotions. Take a deep breath and start counting till your take control of your anger.