Yes, festivals are here, means it’s the month of smiles, celebrations, togetherness and sweets. Each festival has significant history behind it and is celebrated with different rituals, ceremonies and worshiping, keeping us all connected to our roots and culture. Festivals not only fill one’s heart with joy but spread its sparkle every where by bringing people together clearing all differences and help breaking the monotonous routine by filling our surroundings with positive hopes. But be careful, you might be unknowingly making some mistakes during festive season. Festivals can sometimes take a toll on your financial budget, health and lifestyle, so one must plan things in advance to avoid any mistakes. Festive season demands shopping for home, family and buying presents for friends and relatives. Have you done your shopping? Your answer must be No, because you have not planned anything yet. Here are tips for avoiding mistakes so that you don’t regret at end of festivals.


SALE! SALE! SALE! are the magic words that can trap any customer easily. When you go to mall or browse e-commerce websites for best deals without planned shopping list you will end up spending more than you initially intended to. The only way to ensure that you don’t go out of budget is to make a shopping list of all the gifts and things to buy for home. This will help you keep focused on necessary things and avoiding aimless shopping. Want to gift your brother his favorite watch? Plan it in advance because you can get it at far better price than during festive season, because they offer discounts on escalated prices.


In India, mostly employees get bonus on diwali. Remember bonus isn’t for spending until its emergency. If possible try to invest it in high return schemes offered by banks. One can repay loans; get off burden of EMI’S or spend on necessary household works that need investment like repairing, painting and polishing. Don’t fall for expensive and useless gift items to gift to collegue or friends just for fake reputation. If possible try to help those who actually need these gifts like poor children, or homeless persons. Your little effort will help them celebrate their festival and bring you inner peace and satisfaction.


Yes, festivals tempt you to forget diet plan and lead to consumption of many extra calories and fat. Festivals bring many tempting and mouth watering sweets and dishes which are hard to resist. But by the end of festive season you will regret as you have to hit the gym hard for shedding extra weight. In older people it may also lead to many health problems like high/low blood pressure, disturbed sugar levels and cholesterol. In order to avoid these one must follow these steps:

  • Try preparing food in less and good quality oil.
  • Try keeping your sweets sugar free(most difficult task).
  • Avoid Soft drinks and sodas frequently.
  • Avoid over snacking and avoid deep or shallow friend foods.
  • Increase water intake that will always make you fell full to stomach and resist craving for sweets and snacks.


No doubt, festivals are time for pampering yourself and family members. It’s time to embrace all hard work done in past and celebrate, but don’t over pamper or comfort your self that you are left with long pending bills. Decorating home with expensive candles and lights, getting appointments to costly beauty salons and spa, buying expensive clothes and gadgets will leave will take a toll on your budget later. People often misuse their credit cards as they offer higher limits of spending than we require which leads to over spending and moreover not repaying them on time will land in big trouble. One must can cut down these expenditure by following these tips:

  • Indulge all family members: Let everyone participate in decorating home with different creative ideas. This brings family members together and creates some unforgettable memories to be cherished forever.
  • DIY Videos: You can take help of internet and you tube Do It Yourself videos and can make beautiful and inexpensive gifts and presents.
  • Use Traditional methods of decoration: Instead of buying expensive LED Lights and imported candles for beautification, one can opt traditional methods of rangoli , deyas , flower etc.


You must be wondering, how wasting food can be mistake? In India celebrations on festivals are accompanied with feast, though it is appreciable but at same time people indulge in lot of wastage of food. People usually fill their plates with more than they can have and end up throwing excess in bin. We must consider this fact before wasting that many people die due to starvation and some beg just to earn two meals a day. Instead of wasting, one can give excess food to poor people.