Have a dream to become an entrepreneur, but fear of not being successful, quitting your job or no action plan towards achieving it have made your dream to take back seat. Sitting in chair and dreaming to shed 10 kg to fit into your favorite dress won’t be any help. Want to be a writer or travel the world?

Everyone dreams & yes, dreams are lovely but addictive. The dreams allow us to visualize things that are near impossible sometimes. You keep thinking about dreams and goals you want to achieve keep discussing with your friends endlessly. And it feels really good imagining success of your dreams, talking about it, but you are just blue-skying your life. Dreams just don’t come true because you dream them. Its hardword and dedication that makes them come true. The great People say “Dream big to achieve big”, but we people pay more focus on just dreaming a successful life we want and ignore the other side of achieving it.

What if bill gates and Einstein was just a dreamer not a doer?

Dreaming is important but more important is focusing on how to you can achieve. There are times in life when you are paralyzed as you have no idea regarding taking first step toward achieving it but do not forget to keep trying and moving, grabbing new opportunities and trying your hands at new things. Don’t be afraid to loose and make mistakes because making mistakes indicate you are at least trying.


  1.  LEARN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY: Only dreaming turns our goal or aim into a wishful thinking. Sitting and imagining positive outcomes of dream makes you forget the reality. The studies have found that people who indulge in positive fantasies are likely to be less successful in achieving their goal.Try to learn that in reality things are not as simple as they appear to be in your dreams, there are obstacles, hardships and things takes a while longer to happen than you can imagine or sometimes does not even happen. You will have to learn to be patient and do not be afraid to move to plan B or C if A does not work for you.  fantasy
  2. MAGNIFY YOUR VISION AND SET GOALS: Wishing and dreaming is important, the next step following it is setting a clear and precise goal. Moving aimlessly will get you no where. If your dream is long term, try setting milestones and have strict deadlines. Wishing to become a entrepreneur, first goal is to check feasibility of your business plan, have a detailed survey on it to make it risk free. The second step is to arrange funds and finances for implementation. And next milestone is to implement it practically.                                      videoblocks-set-plan-work-on-track-keep-pace-meet-goal-steps-3-d-animation_rg5vz1b-b_thumbnail-small11
  3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH MOTIVATORS & DOERS: A dreamer can feel motivated by having company of people who can encourage them or boost their confidence when they feel paralyzed to see any hope around. If all your friends are looser or just dreamer, then you will also land up at their place. So Change Company you keep. For motivation you can read books or stories of people who rose from nowhere and have achieved success to such great heights.                        6268e352dabb39b1b064563fa6811a89
  4. GRAB OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN NEW SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: You always need a skill and knowledge to excel in any field. Look what techniques and skills are requires for your dream to come true. Never seize to grab paid or unpaid opportunity to learn that skill. Example if you want to be writer, you need not only to learn to write but to read as well. Try to connect to great writers and their work.  skills
  5. SHIFTING FOCUS FROM “WHAT IF I FAIL” TO “WHAT IF I FLY HIGH”: Fear of failing not only hinders your journey to success but also demotivates you. But do not let this fear over-shadow your spirit of achieving your goal. Do not be overconfident but just believe that you are dreamer as well as doer..!!