The functioning of sanitary lobe pumps

The design of every lobe pumps manufacturer industrial pumps is completely adapted to the needs of each sector. While some areas such as mining, oil companies and the pharmaceutical industry use peristaltic pumps thanks to their conditions and special design, in other sectors it´s necessary to use of lobe pumps.

Specifically, we refer to the sanitary sector and food industry where it is necessary to install sanitary lobe pumps capable of treating fluids of high and low viscosity, work with pressures of up to 12 bars and provide a continuous flow to maintain a production 24 hours.

What are the sanitary lobe pumps and how do they work?

Lobe pumps are a certain type of volumetric and rotary pumping machines due to the composition of two lobes that rotate in the opposite direction in order to conduct the liquid or fluid between the body of the pump and the lobe.

The design, characteristics and operation of lobe pumps fit perfectly into the needs of the health and food sector. Lobe pumps are robust and versatile machines capable of working in different fields. Although for their interior design they are called sanitary lobe pumps, they are valid to work in sectors as different as food, cosmetic, chemical and industrial applications and in general where a volumetric and rotary pumping machine is needed.

A good lobe pumps manufacturer makes pumps with a compact design inside the machine that fits a lobe-shaped rotor with a wedge-shaped design. The silicon carbide mechanical seals are combined with watertight joints so that the design allows the parts to be changed and maintenance is easy. Due to this design you can remove the lid and access the lobes directly.

The wedge-shaped design allows the placement of precision helical gears as well as interchangeable shafts and bearings that improve the precision of the assembly. The accuracy and precision of the machining of the lobes doesn’t damage the assembly due to the fact that the pieces don´t come into contact with the product, which facilitates the adjustment and change of the pieces.