5 ways to fulfill your wishes this Shivratri

Shiva is considerd most divine among all gods. He is known as “Mahadev” or the greatest god. On Mahashivratri, he protected other gods by consuming poison and keeping it in his throat for whole universe’s benefit. Lord Shiva is considered father of whole universe and his Parvati as mother of whole universe. Together called as universal Parents. Considered to be free of worldly pleasures, Lord shiva doesn’t any requires fancy clothes or decorative jewelry. Monday is considered very auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva. Worshiping him not only brings good fortune but also good balance to one’s life. 

What to do On Shivratri?


Shivratri is considered as the biggest festival for all his devotees. One can offer prayers by fasting for lord Shiva with purity of heart and body. The devotees abstain from food and water for whole day. One should not have negative  or evil thoughts for anyone. On this day keep chanting ‘Mahamryityunjaya Mantra’ throughout day can save you from diseases and give you blessing of long healthy life.

Worship Shivling:

Devotees offer milk, bilva leaves, bhang, dhatura, honey and panchamrit to the shivling. Offering fruits makes lord shiva happy and get your desires fulfilled. Lighting lamps symbolises knowledge and enlightened soul.

Worship Lord Ganesha:

Ganesha, son of Mahadev is worshiped first and is believed to clear all obstacles and fulfill your prayers. 

Help the poor and needy:

If you want to make shiv happy, make sure you help and serve poor or less fortunate people. This act of yours will get you more close to his heart. Sincere and heartfelt efforts are always appreciated by Lord Shiva.

5. Meditation & Enchanting:

Spend the day meditating and enchanting” OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”.