Everyone want their relationship or marriage to be perfect which is not easy as every relation has some problems to deal with. It doesn’t mean love is not perfect; it’s just that you have to accept the good and bad parts of your partner with open heart. There is no magic formula discovered yet to have a fairy-tale relationship but by showing love, affection and tolerance towards negative things, it can be achieved.

For maintaining a Healthy relationship, you need to spend some time together with partner. Try to communicate as much as you can and share the things do. Showing love and affection will help you come ever more closer. And most importantly, respect each other. Apart from these, you need to take care of things that may ruin your relation:


Everyone expects from his/her partner to be always loving, caring, cheerful and looking after your needs every minute. But that is not practically possible as everyone has his/her mood and other problems to deal with. Expecting too much every time can poison your relationship. If you want your partner to be PERFECT, that’s simply not possible and since no one is. But if you have simple basic expectations; talk to them, as how he/she one fulfills your expectations without knowing them.


Not appreciating each other is common in many couples. This thing if left unnoticed, can weaken your relation. Everyone wants to be appreciated. Even if your partner has made a small effort to make you happy, either by cooking your favorite dish or helping you do your job like cleaning dishes, take some time to thank your partner for all those efforts by showing affection and love. This will make your love bond even stronger.


Being a little jealous in love is a good sign, but after a certain level it becomes a problem. At that point, you start wanting to control your partner that leads to unnecessary fights and misunderstandings. If you are jealous, talk to your partner or find a root cause for your insecurities. Don’t spy on your partner or check his/her call lists or emails out of jealousy without any reason. This may hurt your partner and makes him hide things from you.


Good communication leads to strong relationship. Not sharing your expectations can be a problem. If you feel insecure for any reason, talk to him/her in an honest way. Try to work out all your problems without arguing or blaming each other. Communicate all your feelings like love, sorrow, hate, jealousy and sorry.


Only these 3 words can become the main reason for all your problems. Being stubborn in relationships leads you nowhere but loosing you partner. We always want to be right in a relationship and never admit our mistakes. Our ego never let us say SORRY first. All these things are childish. Never let your ego destroy your relationship. Don’t be afraid to say sorry first and try to sort out problems and get past to better things.