A mother is never off duty! She continues to work day and night right from the day a child is born or even before. She has to run after the children for every little task like feeding, cleaning, teaching, exploring things and even dealing with their anger and tantrums. All these tasks may tire you but the mother in you never gives up on her child. She would do all it takes to become the best mother. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind to raise a happy, healthy and intelligent child.

Have patience, Don’t Scream (or just pretend to)

Being a mother is a daunting task. Children depend on the mother for everything. In the process of learning and exploring new thing like learning to walk, eat themselves or writing, they may fail infinitely or make mistakes; but you should never lose patience or give up by on them by showing anger or screaming. Make them learn things again and teach them in a new way.

Be understanding and supportive

A mother’s duty is not just to keep her children healthy physically but mentally and emotionally too. Make a strong bond with your children so that they can reach out to you for anything, anytime, no matter how old they grow. Try to understand the feelings they have been going through. A mother is the best support to the children in all their difficult times.

Be their mentor and bring out the best in them

A mother can be the best teacher to her children. Good parenting builds a bright future for children. If your child takes interest in anything particular, take time to teach them. Some children starting showing their talent at an early age. Please don’t ignore their talent and help them hone their skills.

Discipline your children with love

Teaching them good moral value and etiquette is a difficult task. Disciplining doesn’t mean you need to be hard or mean with them. Teach them everything by being gentle and with love. Instead of scolding them over their mistakes, show them why they should not be doing that and how they can hurt themselves and others too.

Teach them wisdom, gratitude and respect

Teach your children to be thankful every day for all that they have got. This will make them stay positive and happy. Teach them things like thanking god before every meal, considering best part of day before going to bed. Read to them some good moral stories that can really help them to build a strong character.